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The 'metropolitan' waterbus sails in an area that experiences a huge transformation. The view from the ship offers unique panoramas of incompatible city scenes, impressive bridges, historical heritage and numerous new housing and office projects. At the same time, you enter the unique world of navigation, harbour activity and life on, in and around the water.

This canal shuttle reinforces the mobility of pedestrians and cyclists: many places along the Canal become easily accessible, not in the least places where new housing, shops and offices are built. Simultaneously, the waterbus is an extension of public transport, because there is a seamless connection between the canal shuttle stops and existing bus, tram and subway stops. Several railway stations are at walking distance.

It's preferable to park buses and cars at free parking lots outside the city (for example, at Heembeekkaai). The waterbus takes you in time to the city centres of Brussels and Vilvoorde, without the hassle of traffic jams. The canal shuttle is the ideal way to attend an event in Tour and Taxis, visit the sunny beach of Brussels Bad, walk in park 'Drie Fonteinen' in Vilvoorde or cycle in the beautiful Grimbergen, Zemst and Kapelle-o/d-Bos!

Small fact: the Waterbus was launched in 2013. The number of navigational days, stops, the navigation period, the navigational routes, ship capacity a.o. will be gradually increased in coming years. This way, transport to or from Brussels will become a relief!


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